5 hiring patterns that will drive us to the New Normal: The Covid Edition.

5 hiring patterns that will drive us to the New Normal: The Covid Edition.

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In a world where layoffs are spreading faster than the Covid-19 virus, Job-cuts and salary adjustments became a common practice. The question arises, that how are Human Resources sector supposed to juggle around their business with operations, training, recruitment, retention etc. when their humans itself are not around?

Rightly said by Alvin Toffler, “The great Growling Engine of Change: TECHNOLOGY”

According to research conducted by Achievers, 64% of the employees may leave their jobs, if the workspace opportunities won’t change. This is the point where technological advancement comes into the picture. In the time of a leading pandemic, we need to drop the debate of ‘Man over machine’ regarding job deployments and move ahead with ‘Man with Machines’. Recruiters and talent acquirers have faced multiple challenges in this phenomenon, yet with adapting the new ups and downs, we have accelerated ourselves towards an optimistic 2021.

Major Recruiting trends established in this year are:

1. Work from Home It is!

Balancing between the new normal these days, remote work will lead the employees this time along with work hour flexibility provided. Recruitment agencies in Mumbai  companies are willing to resume their hiring operations with video interviews, which will assist them in getting back on track.

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.” – Godfrey Reggio

New compensation policies formed by talent acquirers are planned with safety protocols, better work culture, etc. keeping employee’s well-being at first.

2. AI AI Captain:

As and when time went by 80% of companies already use Artificial Intelligence, and from 2020 itself AI is going to be in flux. In HR every task that consumes more time is repetitive and less worthy can be taken up by AI, so more working hours could be devoted to brainstorming various strategies and plans for the firm. For instance: Storing employee’s data, applying its resume at various hiring projects, generating compensation bills and more.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

3. Efforts to Retain the Workforce:

Prioritizing employee’s need first or working with an organization’s protocols, is the biggest glitch these days. To retain their team, HR professionals are taking into consideration mandatory factors such as flexibility in working hours, safe environment, technological setup, and renewed compensation plans considering their time and efforts.

4. Upsurge of Freelance:

As lay-offs and work from home array rises, people were inclined more towards engaging with new skills at their comfort in the pandemic. 75 % of freelancers say they wouldn’t trade freelancing for any kind of job; hence freelancing was a silver lining for job seekers to step up back in their race. This highly includes streams like tech roles, content writing, designing, marketing, data analyst, FMCG companies and many more.

5. Upskilling for the Win:

Workplaces are updating and they require skills like it’s their ‘X factor’. Recruiters are training their current employees with various proficiencies to meet their requirements. Moreover, employees now know the worth of mastering all the skills for future opportunities. With Pandemic giving us a chance to be productive at our own place, job seekers started acquiring skills best suitable for them to polish their resumes and lead the resume game.

In conclusion, Recruiters will always build a bridge between job seekers, employees and employers keeping in mind the need of all the parties. With the changing work cultures and intense diversities we at Upman, work for connecting the best resumes to job descriptions with our proprietary Skill Mapping Competency and trust. Furthermore, in these difficult times, we help guide companies by providing an unparalleled range of services and the ‘perfect-fit’ for their organization.

Recruitment agencies in Mumbai

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