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is one of the leading global executive search firms known for its staffing solutions. We work on delivering results time and again with the help of our multi-domain international experience, competent recruitment consultants, and eventful history of 20+ years to establish Upman as a global executive search firm.

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Services We Offer

Permanent Recruitment

Our high-impact consultancy gives access to a comprehensive screening process, and the best candidates are filtered out with a quick turnaround time.

Contractual Recruitment

Being a Certified Recruiting Specialist, we offer the perfect complement to your contractual workforce. By hiring contractual staffing services, you can be free from the hassle of managing salaried employees, including a wide range of talent.

Project Based Recruitment

Hiring Freelance Recruiters or other talents for a specific project can be problematic in the current employment market. With Upman Placements’s hiring practices, a business can save time, implement a flexible workforce and access various skills at once.

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