Back Out/Job Dropouts: Why do Candidates Leave the Hiring Process?

Backouts/Job Dropouts: Why Candidates are Dropping Out of the Hiring Process?

Recruiting for an open position is a lengthy process. Recruitment agencies post a job on different platforms and work through it until they get the qualified candidate on board. This requires a considerable amount of time (from weeks to months) and a lot of effort. So when an applicant drops out of the contract staffing process, it can be quite frustrating to the hiring team.

To reduce, if not eradicate, the cases of candidate dropouts, it is important that you think deeply or carefully about where you are going wrong in the hiring process. Surely there can be reasons for backouts by candidates.

Your recruitment process may have flaws, such that it is long and complicated. From filling out application forms to scheduling interviews, candidates find it hard not to lose interest in joining your company. You should make sure that your job application process is easy and quick.

Take note that a prolonged and lengthy recruitment process is one of the major reasons why candidates opt to drop out. If your eyes are on the most qualified candidate for the job, likely, other companies are already prying their eyes on them. Failing to keep your hiring process short will make you lose that best candidate.

And, take note: it is possible that the applicants do not see you as an honest, transparent and trustworthy recruiter. Because we are all humans, we should be considerate to one another. Candidates do not want to keep hanging. They do not want to feel like they not getting a clear understanding of the matter that concerns their career. There are other reasons, big and small, why candidates walk away from the recruitment process, but the most important thing to remember is that backouts are bound to happen at some point. So you cannot stop an applicant from leaving the process; perhaps they got a better offer. The reasons can be varied. In these situations, your only choice is to accept it.

However, that doesnt mean that you can implement certain measures to prevent backouts from happening. Here’s a list of those steps you can take as an HR service provider.

1. Inform the candidates what to expect in terms of communication, timeliness, and follow up. This will make them feel that their interest in joining the company is valued.

2. Make it easy for applicants to apply on the go. More and more people depend on their mobile phones each day for doing different things, including searching for jobs and sending out applications for them. Give them the chance to apply for the job using their smartphones. It’s more convenient than laptops or desktop computers.

3. Make your hiring process a candidate-centric affair as far as possible. You think of them as your most valued customers. Treating them well will allow them to stick with you until the end of your recruitment process.

4. Avoid exaggerating about the company for whom you’re recruiting for. You might be excited to close the position quickly and tend to overstate facts about the organization or the opening. This is among the worst mistakes that a hiring company should avoid.

5. Don’t be too strict about your interview dates. Have interview slots for each day and give your applicants a chance to pick the most convenient date to them. Not all candidates will agree to risk losing their present jobs for the mere possibility of getting hired by you.

6. Consider setting up an email address only for candidates, so if they do not hear from you within the given time frame, they can contact you directly. This will prevent candidates from walking away too early into the process.

7. Give candidates a way to maintain contact with you, like dedicating a social media channel just for them. Make research and share contents that you think are interesting to them and where they can get value. This will give them a sense of community with you and your employer’s brand.

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