Contingent Hiring

The recruiting business has changed drastically over the years, and professional recruitment services are not that simple. It also costs a great deal of money and time to find the ideal candidate for the position. Hiring Contingent employees for any organization involves a serious commitment from the job incumbent and the company providing the job placement services. The process needs a team of hiring consultants who can dedicate themselves to helping the company achieve its business objectives. Contingent Hiring is an essential process in any organization as these employees will ensure how the business will run in due course of time. Getting help from an experienced Recruitment consultancy can help companies boost their staff strength for new business projects and replenish your employee numbers ready to work hard and stay loyal to you, making upman the best freelancing services provider in Ahmedabad.

  • With an unparalleled range of services, Upman Placements is one of the top recruitment company in India and works with the clients to get a complete understanding of the company’s culture and takes pride in providing customized service and manforce for freelancing work in Ahmedabad to them.
  • Our Contingent staffing solutions give access to a comprehensive screening process, and the best candidates are filtered out at any level, with quick turnaround time.
  • We have the right people with the required skills, knowledge, and attitude to do the tasks which can provide the perfect permanent staffing solution across all positions in IT, Manufacturing, FMCG & other industries.
  • Our recruitment talent advisors believe that there is a better way to help our clients find long term, a workforce that can work across industry verticals so you can focus your energy on your core business.
  • Additionally, we also follow a stringent quality recruitment authentication process that can address the need for the right talent.

Unique Features of Upman Placements

  • Having an extensive network of contacts with detailed industry knowledge, we make sure we are very specific when meeting your requirements. We weed out applicants that do not have the qualifications necessary to fulfill your expectations with our selection methodology and deliver ‘best-fit’ candidates. Our freelancing work services have a set of interview questions that are specific to the job in question. It has all the detailed identification analysis and investigation of candidates that helps staffing firms to select the best candidates for their company.
  • Our Recruitment talent advisors handle all the processes that includes running background and reference checks, as well as credit check as part of the recruitment process.
  • We commit to finding the best as we are the leader in freelancing work companies in India with specialization across all verticals. Our hiring and staffing solutions play a significant role in keeping every organization at peak capacity.
  • Our contingent ongoing headcount requirements have a specialty to on-board the required talent and even retain them for years. Our Contingent staffing solutions enable access to highly qualified talent on a routine basis, to ensure a sustainable and yet competitive environment in your organization.
  • Our retained search services operate on an exclusive basis for individual clients while working on limited assignments at any point of time. Our search enables hiring candidates with diverse work experience and engagements, entailing a consulting fee (retainer) for every assignment. Our services ensure hiring of highly qualified candidates and forges long-term relationships with clients based on mutual trust and requirements. Our screening and assessment process adheres to high recruitment standards too.

Our Contingent Hiring Service options include:

Advertising Placement

Candidate Networking

Direct Candidate Targeting

Expectation Management

Counter-offer Management

Package Negotiation

Candidate Interviewing and Short Listing

Process of Contingent Hiring

Understand the basic requirements of the company

Before starting the hiring process, we understand the needs of our clients and spend time learning their long-term and short-term objectives. Our talent acquisition experts check out the company culture with a visit to the workplace and also to get a through understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the ideal candidate for the job position. By undertaking comprehensive research on the industry, we can match the perfect quality of our candidates, and with a tried-and-tested process satisfy the business needs.

Plan a customized recruitment layout

After gathering the details, our talent recruitment advisors provide a personalized recruiting plan to attract job seekers, actively looking for a new job. Using a bunch of tailored strategies suiting the client’s needs, we widen our search and list the best candidates at your service.

Shortlisting and verification of candidates

Then we embark on our next step, where we start to shortlist the candidates and introduce customized interviews for the same. Once we are done with this, we conduct a thorough background check on the necessary hard and soft skills that are required for the position. With the support of our domainspecialized recruitment teams, clients can shortlist the individuals who are capable of handling the unique challenges for their organization. By selecting a suitable candidate for the job and also obtaining some professional references, we move forward with our client in finalizing the job offer.

Finalizing the job offer

Lastly, with the help of our client company, we negotiate the job offer and secure the signed offer letter from the candidate. In terms of any necessity, we also follow-up process and ensure that the onboarding process goes without a hitch with our specialized employment services.

In the dynamic market today, it is hard to find the right talent that meets your unique requirements to fill your positions. Therefore Upman Placement services come at your service and solve your talent acquisition problem. Our contingent staffing solutions can ensure that these candidates become stable assets for your organization. With addressing the desired fusion of proficiency for both-clients and candidates, we create a niche to be one of the perfect employment match companies for our clients.

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