Contractual Hiring / Staffing

For several years, organizations have been struggling in dealing with government regulations and the volatile market in terms of hiring suitable candidates. Many premier brands worldwide and companies in India want specific solutions for their Temporary & Contract Staffing needs. They need the flexibility to get the on-demand workforce equipped to run business operations efficiently and effectively outsource hiring services. 


Upman Placements is one of India's prestigious contractual hiring companies that offer innovative recruiting techniques with full service, cost-effective, and efficient contract staffing services to organizations in need of professional recruitment services. With creating a diverse niche in all temporary staffing divisions, we work with customers as your trustworthy recruiters during staffing needs. Our reliable Contract base job services offer immense flexibility to build the required team strength with minimal effort and expenditure for running the projects. Our high-impact sourcing services in India have emerged as the next-generation trend without the hassles and tediousness of this intensive task. That's what makes us the leading Contract based Job Providers in Gujarat.


To accommodate heavy ramp-up periods and optimize the quality of our candidate sourcing, we have specially instituted a team of experts who consult clients and focus on current skill sets, emerging technologies, and next-generation trends. By offering a wide range of job disciplines in a short amount of time, we have worked just like your company's HR Department. With such type of dedication and administration, we have ensured Gujarat's best contract base job services to our vendors in a jiffy and with minimum wastage of resources.

The Need for Hiring Contractual Staffing Services

  • The flexible contract staffing solutions from Upman Placements help you scale up your team based on business demands.
  • Get the best of experts with specific skills for short-term projects at the fastest duration.
  • No hazels of Interview as we provide resources suitable for your project.
  • Pay after you have on-boarded the selected expert and satisfied with the candidate.
  • Avail the facility to hire a temp to perm option.
  • Get a transparent pre-vetted database of temp or contract employees for quick closures.
  • Reduce your recruitment costs and turnover costs with no bad hires
  • Get freedom from onboarding & training as we train them and prepare them for action at work.
  • Make them manage your requirements of labour laws, minimum wages and other statutory compliances that are difficult to handle by yourself.
  • Get complete administration care to take care of your firms' payments, gratuity, and other mandatory tasks.
  • Install a Flexi-workforce at your disposal that can be upscaled or downscaled as per your business needs.


  1. Internet Recruiting
  2. Recruitment Support
  3. Referral Programs
  4. Seamless Migration
  5. Internal Networking and Redeployment
  6. Structured Onboarding
  7. Local Community Recruiting
  8. Associate Training
  9. Community Relations Representatives
  10. Payroll Management
  11. Associate Vendor Relationships
  12. Compliance
  13. Rewards & Recognition

Unique Features of our Contractual Hiring Services

Temporary Staffing

Has several facilities to obtain pre-screened talent, especially for shortterm requirements. With our best hiring executives, we can get onboard the best candidate at the fastest time around and get your project rolling.

Temp-To-Hire Solutions

Our solutions adhere to standard procedures after seeking permission from our clients. When our clients are convinced with our hired choice of candidate then only, we further move towards six months of on-site contract staffing process.

Payroll Management Services

Our Contract staffing benefits gives our client the freedom to focus on their core business. At the same time, we manage the staff payroll through our exceptional, innovative tech-based payroll management system.

Highlights and Benefits of Contract staffing services

  • With contractual hiring, temporary employees can stay on rolls.
  • Get all standard contractual procedures managed efficiently
  • Get extremely efficient payroll and personnel administration services for your firms
  • Have all the benefits of statutory compliance and other related administration services managed by our talented team of hiring professionals.
  • Get all the employee registration done under ESIC & EPF schemes to receive all the needful benefits.

Why Hire Upman Placements for Contractual Hiring?

  • With a proven track record of the recruitment process for many years, we at Upman Placements have been able to deliver the right candidates for our given client company.
  • With access to a massive base of candidates, our professionals have produced their best by vigorously screening, shortlisting, and evaluating potential candidates as per the requirements. Not only this, depending on the needs of your current business cycle, we have customized our temporary staffing services and decreased all the hiring and training costs drastically.
  • Our efficient services have provided space to permanent staff employees, who remain overloaded during busy periods.
  • With a streamlined approach, our contractual recruiting consultancy becomes the central canopy for meeting all temporary staffing requirements.
  • Our team of compliance professionals ensure adherence to statutory regulations in the market, thereby making our contract staffing process efficient.
  • We take over HR administrative and management hassles, thus giving you more time to focus on your core business. No matter the kind of personnel a company is looking for, our firm provides optimal efficiency in scouring for the right professionals to work for you temporarily..
  • Approach us to get the flexibility of hiring the right candidate for your specific project and chart out a clear path for the growth of your company.