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How freelance recruiters are doubling their recruitment business by partnering with Upman Placements.

I’ve been asked two questions on multiple occasions,”why Upman Placements has opened its door for everyone in the recruitment business?” & “how is it helping the recruiters, double their recruitment business”.

The answer is simple, we always wanted to build a platform for recruiters. A platform where anyone who is passionate about working in this industry, regardless of experience, background, position or status, can get work. It has taken us years to build a name, gain experience, gather resources and build a network. It’s time for all of it to come to work, for us, and for people who want to associate with us.

Also, we’ve seen people with potential, reach only a certain level in their Independent or consultancy career. Going above and beyond that point becomes difficult. We help them go beyond that point.

Suchita (one of our star Independent recruiters) started her career as a talent acquisition officer in one of the BFSI recruitment firm. Like everyone else, she had to work hard, gain skills, handle management, understand pain points, show empathy and take the company forward towards attaining goals and targets.

However, unlike everyone else, upon her marriage, her transfer and responsibility of the marriage and later kids alienated her away from her professional life.

She, like most of the highly experienced women professionals with kids, pursued to platform her skills and start something on her own.

Looking at her skills, experience, and will; we realized, a normal freelance work wouldn’t suffice the experience she brings on the table. And instead, we offered her a partnership model – a model which could allow her to work at her full potential, handle our clients, use our resources, team, and name; and start her career as an independent entrepreneur.

It’s been 18 months since then, and I’m glad to announce her as one of our biggest associates. Today she makes more than a lakh/month by working at her own convenience.

Sooraj is another recruitment consultant, who once worked for a recruitment firm but aspired to start something on his own. Upon partnering with Upman Placements, he is freelancing more than 50k to 70k of business every month.

Alike Suchita & Sooraj, we’ve been a part of many similar inspirational stories. And it feels great to better the platform.

“Ambitious recruiters, without stressing over the scarcity of resources, can build their businesses and give a new dimension to the lifecycle of an HR”


– You might be a freelance recruiter who wishes to work for more clients.
– You might be a beginner who wants to start its career independently.
– You might be an experienced consultant, who wish to expand.
– You might be a startup, looking for an investment.
– You might be a housewife, ambitious towards building her business from home.
– You might want to work independently, but need a fixed compensation and gain on commissions.

You might be anyone, from anywhere, at any given point in the career. As long as you’re passionate and in the recruitment business, Upman is ready to partner with you.

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