Helping Job Seekers Navigate to The New Normal

Helping Job Seekers Navigate to The New Normal

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of the hiring process. Most of the companies follow the rules of low operating capabilities. They tend to move to go remote to stop the spread of infection.

While economists and financial experts have already predicted a recession, it is the right time for networking. Whether you are a graduate or being laid off by a company, you can easily navigate to the new normal just by changing your approach to finding a job.

With all that said, you can still be actively working on your job search. The following write-up will help you to guide throughout your hiring process while accompanying an economic slowdown.

Adding new skills

It is wise to use your quarantine in acquiring new skills. Adding a new skill set might help you to get hired faster than others. You can take advantage of new certificates, highlighting new achievements.

By acquiring new skills, your only focus should be on building your resume. This might be through volunteering or creating your skills in an online course like learning search engine optimisation, excel and website building. These certificates can add your impressive image, as you have done something constructive with your time.

Finding jobs on the right platforms

If you are done by finding jobs on the company’s websites, newspaper, and social groups, there are plenty of other ways to look out for insurance company jobs and other jobs.

Recruitment agencies

The recruitment agencies are the best fit for your job search as they are running a mass recruitment process. Besides, there are mass recruitment companies that target specific industry and professionally such as healthcare, retail, IT, travel, leisure, insurance, finance, banking, infrastructure etc. You can further narrow down your search by browsing jobs on the graduate recruitment portal.


It is the best place to look out for jobs. All you need is to create your profile, even if you haven’t got much to put on it. When your recruiters search out your name or your job profile, your LinkedIn profile will appear first. It is the best form for searching IT company jobs in today’s modern and tech-savvy world.

When to apply for jobs?

You should apply as early as possible. The recruitment agencies and employers have quite a rigid timeline, whereas the small-scale companies tend to hire round the clock.

You can keep an eye on your desired company’s website. Create a spreadsheet and look out for applying dates. You can manage and schedule to apply for jobs with the help of proper planning and analysing the hiring trends.

How to prepare for online interviews?

While most employers are shifting their way to online interviews, you must learn a few etiquettes for online calls. You must have strong connectivity to create your positive image in front of your employer.

Stay comfortable, calm and camera friendly. Make sure you have the right angle for your camera without any background distractions. Besides, all assessment tests will be conducted online, so you need to work out on them without breaking the lockdown rules.

Final thoughts

If you are creative, patient and flexible, you will succeed to get a job in these unprecedented times. Remember that hiring is constantly shifting its course, and timelines are changing. So, stay positive and motivated in your job search. Continue to apply for jobs. Your efforts will make sure to pay off.

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