Human Resource Outsourcing

Over the past few years, many organizations are slowly finding it challenging to handle the core HR policies of the company. Therefore, they tend to hire a third-party organization to perform the HR tasks and activities. Most HR activities are outsourced to experienced HR services firms. To enable transparency on the same, they need to ensure there is a committed HR agency full of HR experts to fill up the vacuum in the critical areas of the HR domain including talent acquisition, screening, goal assessment, etc. These HR functions also aim to enhance productivity of their employees by providing the best learning and training support from experts, which is provided by Upman Placement leading HR Outsourcing Services provider in Gujarat.

Factors influencing the choice of HR Outsourcing Services

Before hiring the right HR firm, check their years of experience in HR outsourcing services and also see their track record in the field. Even look at the rates that the firm is charging for outsourcing services and then select some based on their rate quotation. Go for flexible contracting that will provide you the leverage to adjust the services required as per the need of the hour. Here is what you can outsource from your HR Functions

Our HR Outsourcing Services Showcase

Performance Management System

We provide you a process of ensuring optimal business performance with budget forecasting options, goal expectation management, workshop management, goal monitoring, and training needs identification.

HR Automation

We help you automate HR processes to ensure that the recruitment process, the leave module, payroll management operates without manual intervention with utmost efficiency.

Learning and Development

Our focus is on delivering comprehensive learning and development systems for organizations for skill and knowledge enhancement, inclusive of behavioral etiquette training, team building, communication skills, and stress management.

Statutory Compliance

We ensure that the HR operations and labor management policies are aligned with compliance regulations with proper allocation of provident funds, professional tax, ESIC, and labor welfare.

HR MIS and Analytics

Our HR MIS solutions, along with analytics, keep decision-makers in the loop about recruitment updates, turnover, attrition numbers, and the like with predictive dashboard summaries and various reports.

Organization Climate Survey

We are keen to understand organizational culture and introduce the right measures to boost productivity with an agile attitude, by identifying existing bottlenecks, define an employee experience roadmap, and roll out surveys for accurate assessments

HR Process Simplification and Connect

We ensure that every employee is listened to, as we help organizations to clarify, counsel, and guide them on their career path, leading to better employee retention.

HR Outsourcing & Consulting

We offer high-end HR expertise and solutions to perform the HR tasks effectively in harmony with onsite and remote support.

Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

Our solutions fit the unique recruiting needs of all kinds of organizations as we put in an exceptional effort in understanding the nature of the business, the right avenue for the job position, and more.

Management Training Programs

We offer a practical approach to host Management Training programs, where we aid first-time managers about the varied challenges they face. Our program manages managerial competencies that are pivotal for administrative roles, thus helping them become more effective managers.

Executive Coaching & Talent Management

We offer comprehensive Executive Coaching services to build effective and efficient teams. We provide companies to make optimal use of our resources to manage in-house talent with all kinds of tools and technologies.

HR Audit & Compliance

We analyze the HR function to ensure adherence to regulatory audits and compliance measures, with quick solutions to fill in the gaps for improvements.

Benefits of HR Outsourcing Services

Why choose UpMan Placements?

Based on every firm’s needs UpMan Placement services are capable of handling HR Outsourcing services and offering specialized services at affordable costs. With manager years of experience in HR outsourcing, we have consistently streamlined internal processes and helped clients focus on core business operations. Our HR consultants adhere to the best practices to support our clients in all aspects of human resources and employment administration, thus allowing them to focus on critical business areas. That’s what makes upman placement the best HR Outsourcing Service Provider in Gujarat.

Our Key specialization includes

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