Market Mapping

In recent times, studies have shown that many top recruitment companies in India are ready with top-quality candidates in the pipeline ahead of time. The system of market mapping in recruitment enables them to connect with inactive job seekers by collecting market information about prospective candidates with improved quality, better speed, and reduced costs. In a competitive landscape, it helps firms head-hunting from proactive to reactive. Talent mapping by the best job placement consultants further breaks into talent segmentation, allowing companies to facilitate decision-making in future projects. Market mapping is not generally to hire active candidates but to address a specific skills gap in your business.

UpMan Placements collects information of prospective candidates and designs custom-made solutions for clients during the confidential recruitment process. Companies who are not sure of the possibility of finding the ideal person for their vacant profiles can hire market mapping services from us and get access to prospective candidates from a distance without interviewing them. We conduct a full search of their previous roles and skills and collect pertinent market information on them to facilitate decision-making in the case of private projects.

Our hiring consultants, who have years of experience in this process, build brand advocacy from more profound insights into market perception. Our award-winning ability to engage candidates through our social media network has enabled us to assist in proper recruitment in sales and unearth high-caliber candidates during establishing.


Understand the Role of the required position

Take the initiative to understand the roles to be mapped and search for the ideal candidate with primary education, needed skills, and experience.

Collect proper Data

Collect all sources of information regarding the candidate through social media platforms, databases, and references from previous firms or companies and also head-hunting with personal contacts.

Create Talent Map

After capturing the needed information through insights, we focus on the requirements of targeted organizations.

Report the Findings

Use all the detailed findings to contextualize and ascertain the report findings with the client company.

Benefits of Hiring Market Mapping services

Why choose UpMan Placements?

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