Pros and Cons of Work-from-Home Trend for Businesses

Pros and Cons of Work-from-Home Trend for Businesses

Homeworking or work-from-home has become a norm during this pandemic period. On one hand, this trend has opened the doors of new possibilities, and on the other hand, it has raised questions related to productivity and accountability. Though people have already started opting for working from home before the COVID-19 outbreak, the current situation has forced companies to offer this facility for ensuring the health and wellbeing of their staff.

When it comes to flexibility and work-life balance, the work-from-home option looks the best, but then like every trend, it also has some pros and cons.

Let’s go through some of the key advantages and disadvantages of working from home.

Advantages of Working from Home

Apart from flexibility and agility, the work-from-home concept can improve the retention rate and your employees feel increased levels of trust. It reciprocates through loyalty and more efficiency of your employees. Also, you can easily attract new talent as skilled resources can save their time and effort of coming office for doing your work.

What’s more, you can save big on utility bills and other facilities by offering the work-from-home option to your staff. Apart from protecting the health of employees, you can make them in a better position in maintaining the work-life balance. As a result, your staff gets motivated and contributes to common tasks more efficiently.

Disadvantages of Working from Home

Let’s face it! Work from home is not for everyone. This concept depends heavily on one’s personality and ability. Many employees are used to working in a routine manner, and most employees prefer personal interaction with colleagues as well as face-to-face guidance with their manager. The work-from-home concept can make your employees feel isolated and they may get deviated easily.

Though technology advances these days, it is difficult to measure performance and monitor the employee’s activities during the working hours in WFH practice. Home distractions and high flexibility can impact productivity and efficiency badly. With this, poor network, data security, and other issues also affect the company’s profitability and workflow.

Concluding Lines

The corporate world has witnessed a paradigm shift for work from the office to home in this corona age. Employers, who did not want to consider the working from home option for their staff, have also implemented this trend. Looking at the pros and cons of this trend, it is necessary for modern enterprises to find the most productive solution for dividing time between home and the workplace without affecting productivity. It will be very beneficial to decide the future direction of the workflow.

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