Recruitment Industry against Window Shopping of Jobs

Following our last discourse on how ‘the recruitment Industry is dying’, reflecting deeply on the major challenges our recruitment industry grapples today. We had raised a loud voice in agitation and hope that besides the unfavourable dynamics, the recruitment ecosystem could still be medicated.

And as our friend Malcolm Duncan rightly suggested, “Every industry adapts or dies”. Hence, it’s an attempt to adapt, ponder and actualise the solutions which can put an end to the major industry stinkers accountable for contaminating our recruitment industry.

Catching the nerve of the discussion, one of the major underrated dispute which seeks deliberation is the practice of window shopping of jobs by the job seekers, or pretenders, and the window shopping of job seekers by the clients. Both the exercise, unruly is being carried out at the mercy of the recruitment industry.

So, a lot of candidates after my last blog update confronted me to be conscious of ‘Window Shopping in the recruitment Industry’, the proverb perhaps seemed out of context to them. Hence, let’s recall and touch base with who are these window shopper and why specifically are they being referred to as ‘Window Shoppers of Jobs’.

Who is a window shopper?

More the number of job letters = More the amount of increment

A dialogue about the solution of window shopping of jobs, before being incisive on what parameters regards a professional as the afforested would only be a half baked argument. Hence, we as recruitment agencies’ understanding of a window shopper should resonate, that is, a professional who actively participates in the recruitment process of multiple companies and dwindles unreasonably after bagging the job letter is a window shopper.

Further, a candidate whose rate of rejecting a company, for known or unknown reasons, is higher, is not practicing window shopping. Saying no is rightly the decision of the candidate or the company. But if a candidate says yes to an offer, takes the job letter and suddenly steps down without any prior notice is the one we’re having this discussion for.

How Window Shopping of Jobs harms the recruitment Industry

The ones who profess to be in need of job and the ones who’re ready to recruit are voluntarily out of proportion

In the last discourse, I’d pointed at how interviews, job offers and offer letters are being used as an ego massage only to guide and alarm their present company for unreasonable increment.

Haven’t we been advised ourselves that switching firms would either result in a better package or a better stance to negotiate for the desirable increment?

A professional, on multiple occasions, is found to give interviews to avail offer letter without any intention to join the company. And clients carry out the recruitment gamble to avail the data of the consultants.

Now consider a recruitment agency who immerses in providing the requisite talent to a company, whose business is suffering at the hands of an unfilled position. After understanding the need, potential CVs are looked upon and shared with the client. The client shortlists the potential candidates, who are then communicated for the interview process. The interview could or couldn’t end with the desired candidate, but if it does, the candidate is given the offer letter.

Sounds like a recruitment retreat? Sadly no, what if the selected candidate never appears for the job? A window shopping?

Saying yes to a window shopper (Potential Candidate) means a no to other candidates who had also participated in the interview

Yes, we’re living in a time where a single candidate could cost you a client and the relevant job seeker, his chance for employment.

Not just the Job Seekers, but also the clients indulge in window shopping for their own distinctive reasons. Most of the time, their internal promotions are kept at halt only to get their hands on the outside talent. Which are used not for recruitment but to gain confidence and validate promotions. Assessing multiple recruitment agencies, exploring their recruitment pool, rejecting shared profiles and keeping all the data reserved for the impending recruitment, is a practice which is certainly not rare.

Recruitment agencies blinkers in serving the clients and the job seekers without introspecting the need to change a certain approach or to completely do away with certain clients or job profiles is suicidal.

How to alleviate the business and put an end to window shopping

A problem is only a problem until it meets a solution in unity

Like shared in the previous installment of the blog, ‘70% of the industry clutter can be brittle to ashes if we as recruitment agencies come to terms with each other. In fact, the epicenter of all recruitment storms emanates because we’re not in unity.’

We as recruitment Industry are also guilty of this ecosystem. We hide in ambush to save our data, business, and clients. Don’t we? For once, if we become vocal of the falsehood and ponder over the solutions mentioned below, we can go a long way to clean the industry clutter and terminate the livelihood of the window shoppers.

Firstly, the candidates who are found window shopping jobs, more than thrice, should be marked red and blacklisted from gaining access to companies who’re in need of talents. A penalty of at least one year should be enacted. Which shall be further communicated to the other recruitment agencies for exercising the same.

In no time, we all can gain the access to the list of blacklisted candidates and secure an understanding of the authentic job profiles.

Where do we start from?

To fuel the solution and make sure that we do it in the best possible space. We’re soon initiating a list of activities to implement the suggested and every recruiter/consultant/agency is invited to be part of the cause.

A LinkedIn group will be created, wherein, we’ll share a list of blacklisted candidates and other important details of the initiative. We invite all the relevant recruiters to participate in the discussions, suggest their solutions, share blacklisted candidates and help us create a healthy working ecosystem. All the relevant details of the initiative will be shared with you at the earliest.

Feel free to leave your comments and any discussion in any form for the betterment of industry will be highly appreciated!