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What is #RecruitmentRedefined?

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UpMan is exclusively inviting businesses & Industry professionals to join hands to achieve, grow and deliver successfully. #RecruitmentRedefined is a way to partner up with UpMan Placements as a small start-up, Large venture, or even as an individual leading from various sectors. Our focus is to work with potential ventures and invest time, energy, resources, and entrepreneurship to finally accomplish the world-class scale of business operations in Recruitment.

Benefits @UpMan

We provide a prospect for entrepreneurs to achieve the primary goal of the business and regard each aspect of running a business. Be it funding, finding trustworthy Recruiters for Human Resources, Strategic Guidance, Administration Requirements, Legalities, Marketing, and other facets of business operations.

UpMan invites people belonging to various industries to partner up with them. People from the Recruitment industry, along with other sectors like IT, Sales, Marketing, Pharma, Banking Finance Securities Securities Insurance, and more, can carry out this B2B Collaboration.


The first benefit, which we think is a benefit for both organizations, is the belief in a shared Reputation. Along with the Royalty, Collaboration with UpMan will get the Franchise Name standing of UpMan Placements globally.


Nothing starts without investment. But, here collaborating with Upman gives you the perk that the expenditure incurred while carrying out the business operation will be shared relatively, split 50-50 between both the forces.


The legacy that we are upholding for 25 years, and the experience that UpMan Placements has gained from the Industry, would be put into appropriate benefit for the betterment of this Partnership. We are a Legacy Legion Genius.

Board of Directors

Being in operation for such a long period has allowed UpMan to proudly carry a team of investors, advisors, senior recruiters within its Board of Directors. Associating with us can give you a mentorship to skill your career.

Success Rate

With our minds and resources, we believe that our success rate can be higher than ever. With our proficient insights and the best Human Resource Outsourcing Service, we believe in having strategic advice from the best.


We share our experience in our business operations due course. We can have each other's back and lay down properly. We as the dream team would considerably expand resources in terms of infrastructure and talents.

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Success Stories

Our Services aren't just limited to being your Reliable HR Recruiters, but we are here to bring about a vast expansion of your venture. Listen from the team of UpMan itself! We've asked a few of our team to share their experience of working with UpMan so that you have a real-time review.

UpMan has been in operation as one of the Top Recruiting companies for over 2 decades now

Providing the right guidance and resources to ventures belonging to various backgrounds. We have fostered a small community that is our family as we strive to build and grow together. We extend our expertise, our experience, and knowledge on finance, funding, operational strategies, marketing, and other Reliable HR Services that will enable your ventures to set on the path to success!


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