UpMan Placements is a leading professional recruitment agency that is rendering excellent services in Recruitment & Outsourcing. Whether you are looking to recruit permanent, contract, or temporary positions, we provide reliable, professional recruitment services to clients and candidates as one of the Top Recruiting Companies. Our firm assists companies in selecting the right professionals through published research online tools covering emerging trends in hiring and employment. We have worked across numerous industry sectors with a vision to empower and ally with our client’s company growth. Upman Team is Trustworthy Recruiters; we deliver a fully comprehensive hiring strategy covering standard forms of our recruitment processes. We strive to make our recruitment agency different from other job placement services with such exclusive and holistic recruitment services.

Our Hiring Methodology includes

• Targeted candidate solutions on extensive candidate databases • International recruitment and sourcing • Targeted search through online portals • Leverage of Network / Referrals • Online Advertising / Social Media Reach

Contingent Hiring

Those organizations that are looking for permanent hiring, UpMan Placements are dedicated to providing an unparalleled range of services with an extensive network of contacts. Our high-impact solutions enhance the competitiveness of the organizations and aim at providing a suite of services designed to deliver ‘best-fit’ candidates. With a profound understanding of these dynamic issues, our highly developed systems allow us to match millions of people to the right job opportunities. With specialized offerings and the right talent to keep your workforce agile, our recruiting methods identify the perfect professional expertise for any position. Our permanent staff hiring solutions analyze the requirements of each job, use traditional and innovative techniques and then negotiates the right remuneration package. Our cost-effective and flexible delivery models are tailored to specific objectives to deliver the best options for your business.

Contractual Hiring / Staffing

To hire new talents or reduce the size of teams rapidly based on project needs is relatively tricky. In such circumstances, UpMan Placements finds excellent and talented resources that are ready to work on a contract basis. Our innovative recruitment techniques help to recruit gifted funds on a contract basis. We possess the critical eye for detail in finding and hiring the best resources and help you fill your temporary requirements. Our employment network includes top talent in a wide range of job disciplines who can offer the perfect complement to your contractual workforce. Our strategy for ensuring the continued availability of qualified employees has assured an entrepreneurial mindset and wide-breadth of experience in hiring methods. By hiring contractual staffing services, you can be free from the hassle of managing salaried employees who do not fulfil any purpose in the organization.

Human Resource Outsourcing

If your business is experiencing growing pains to gear up with a merger, then UpMan Placements is the right place to outsource your HR as we can provide tried-and-true guidance that will set your business up for success. Having a wide array of services and support options that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your business, our HR specialist can accelerate an optimize your workforce efficiently. HR outsourcing services from UpMan Placements can provide step-by-step guidance on everyday concerns, such as employee relations, government compliance and workforce development that can be a proven guide to handle all the common challenges of business as they arise. So do contact us to get HR outsourcing solutions that will help you find and place candidates that are the right fit for your company and present you with a list of capable and experienced candidates.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We at Upman Placements provide RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) to our clients to improve their recruitment capabilities. Our highly experienced, skilled recruiters do the entire process of recruitment with the help of the latest technologies and sophisticated methods. All-inclusive, outsourced recruitment consisting of permanent, contractual or internship needs for any size business are handled with utmost responsibility.  Our Recruiting services are tailored to fit any organization needs. Our professional recruiters can find qualified candidates and build a workforce that supports company objectives while relieving in-house personnel to work on core business operations. By partnering with our recruiting team, you can reduce operational costs and boost business effectiveness in many ways.

Market Mapping

Be it industry trends, or for company’s business positioning & reputation, every business needs to grow, and for that, they need proper relevant information about their pertaining business. Market Mapping services from UpMan Placements provide any pertinent information to our clients on government regulations, latest updates regarding technology advancements or performance improvisation techniques. Our real-time integrated information assists them in taking decisions concerning their business, and our market mapping skills deliver information that is crucial for building business strategies. We provide a comprehensive understanding of business industry practices and the scenario regarding the level and rate of hiring, remuneration structure, industry competency and gender diversity. Through Reputational assessment, our firm strengthens external and internal relations, showcasing insights on a performance review, competitor’s analysis, and the company’s positioning.

Staff Augmentation & Contract-to-Hire

Staff Augmentation refers to outsourcing of manpower based on client requirements in terms of skills or project completion for a specific period of time. Companies require staff augmentation services especially when they need to scale up their manpower dynamically for some time.

UpMan Placement focuses on staff augmentation services and contract-to-hire offerings for employers who need to keep a flexible yet skilled workforce at hand during crunch situations. We deliver on temporary staff requirements offering varied contracts that suit the needs of the clients. Contract staffing also saves clients’ money with regards to temporary staffers who do not cost overheads such as holiday pay, healthcare benefits, and the like stipulated by government regulations.

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