How Social media is boon and not a bane for Recruitment Consultants

Among many other innovations, advent of Social Media is inarguably a life-changer for most of us. Social media has changed almost everything around us. The way we connect with friends, colleagues, build our own networks and take purchase decisions – everything has seen a paradigm shift due to social networks, isn’t it?

Social media is also changing recruitment landscape in a big way. As a recruiter, if you aren’t using social media as an integral part of your recruitment strategy, you must read on these facts:

  • Approximately 92% of companies are already using social media for recruitments, says this TOI report.
  • Close to 68% recruiters looks at Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter profile of a candidate before reaching to a decision, claims this ASSOCHAM survey.
  • Linkedin leads the chart for most preferred social media platform to hire talent.
  • 42 million Indians are already using Linkedin, which makes it an inevitable part of recruitment strategy of any firm.

So, how does it actually help in recruiting?

While Linkedin is the most preferred tool for posting a job opening & inviting applications, recruiters also use facebook & twitter to announce job openings periodically. But the major stakeholders in the process – recruitment consultants see social media as a major contributor in their process. Social media has helped consultants in each aspect of recruiting. Be it sourcing, primary screening, managing interviews or getting references – social media is prime & handy solution empowering the process.

With increasing use of Linkedin for networking & job search, companies are finding it easier to get more candidates with better quality – a win-win for both employer & quality applicant. Linkedin’s integrated candidate management tool makes candidate sourcing, shortlisting & recruiting process easier and effective, one major reason for its popularity among HR professionals.

Another way in which social media is helping consultants is – scan and search. Recruitment consultants prefer to browse through social media presence of candidates before taking a final call. In fact, chances of getting hired increases significantly if a candidate has well-established social media profiles. Scanning a candidate profile helps consultants gather information which may not be visible on a resume. For ex. an IT recruiter will definitely get impressed if a candidate has participated in a lot of problem-solving discussions. A media professional with a well established Twitter profile is likely to get better scores from the recruiter.

Linkedin Elevate – a paid app provides in-depth data about what & how employees share – is highly useful in understanding ‘employee-sharing behavior’. Such data is used by many employers to package & market their services.

Some employers use tools from LinkedIn to gauge “employee-sharing behaviour”. LinkedIn Elevate, a paid app that companies use for employees to share content, analyses what and how people share, and sends the findings to their bosses. “We know from our research that companies whose employees regularly share content are able to better market their services,” LinkedIn said in a message to corporate users.

Recruitment process is becoming agile, flexible & multi-dimensional. Recruiters are seeking candidates with not just functional knowledge, but with multiple soft-skills. A lot of times, a candidate appearing for an interview stands 70-90% chance of getting an offer letter because her resume, social media profiles & primary assessment strengthens elimination process.

According to Career Builder survey, employers look for following information while scanning a candidate’s social media profiles:

  • Information that supports their qualifications for the job (61 percent)
  • If the candidate has a professional online persona at all (50 percent)
  • What other people are posting about the candidates (37 percent)
  • For any reason at all not to hire a candidate (24 percent)

With continuing innovation, social media will definitely become a big influencer in recruitment business. Have you crafted your strategy for a social media driven recruitment yet? Do share your experiences with social media driven recruitments & ideas to use it creatively.