Staff Augmentation & Contract-to-Hire

Staff Augmentation refers to outsourcing manpower based on client requirements in terms of skills or project completion for a specific period of time. Companies require staff augmentation services, especially when they need to scale up their manpower dynamically for some time.

UpMan Placement focuses on staff augmentation services and contract-to-hire offerings for employers who need to keep a flexible yet skilled workforce at hand during crunch situations. We deliver staff augmentation services on temporary staff requirements offering varied contracts that suit the clients’ needs. Contract staffing from global executive search firms also saves clients money regarding temporary staffers who do not cost overheads such as holiday pay, healthcare benefits, and the like stipulated by government regulations.

Partnering up with a quality HR service provider and bringing the skills of temporary staff to the table that can be utilized for any project for a specific time period and employers do not have to expend on statutory benefit schemes. Employers gain by staying lean during volatile times, and freelancers and temporary staffers get a boost to their income for a specific time period.

The Need for Staff Augmentation and Contract for hire

Salient Features of our Staff Augmentation Services

UpMan’s Staff Augmentation Process

Benefits of utilizing our Staff Augmentation Services

Why Choose UpMan Placement?

UpMan Placement has grown into an efficient and effective staff augmentation service provider for its clients. As a contract staffing company, UpMan can constantly hire skilled and qualified resources in critical areas while also ensuring short term projects have ample skilled personnel on board without overheads after the project is completed.


Our matured recruitment engine ensures meeting staff augmentation requirements and contract-to-hire services for a wide range of industries. Here are some of them:

Partner with the best human resource agency today and elevate your business in an organized manner with the right staffing of competent resources. Contact us to know more about our staff augmentation expertise and contract-to-hire services. Know how we can fulfil your temporary staffing requirements to the tee.

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