Recruitment Industry against Window Shopping of Jobs

Tailored Recruitment Service

Recruitment Industry against Window Shopping of Jobs

Following our last discourse on how ‘the recruitment Industry is dying’, reflecting deeply on the major challenges our recruitment industry grapples today. Top Job Consultancy | Tailored Recruitment Service, We had raised a loud voice in agitation and hope that besides the unfavourable dynamics, the Tailored Recruitment Service ecosystem could still be medicated.

And as our friend Malcolm Duncan rightly suggested, “Every industry adapts or dies”.

The exercise, unruly is being carried out at the mercy of the Tailored Recruitment Service industry.

So, a lot of candidates after my last blog update confronted me to be conscious of ‘Window Shopping in the recruitment Industry’, the proverb perhaps seemed out of context to them.

Who is a window shopper? More the number of job letters = More the amount of increment. 

How Window Shopping of Jobs harms the recruitment Industry

The ones who profess to be in need of job and the ones who’re ready to recruit are voluntarily out of proportion. It Sounds like a recruitment retreat? Sadly no, what if the selected candidate never appears for the job? A window shopping?

Saying yes to a window shopper (Potential Candidate) means a no to other candidates who had also participated in the interview. Not just the Job Seekers, but also the clients indulge in window shopping for their own distinctive reasons. 

How to alleviate the business and put an end to window shopping

A problem is only a problem until it meets a solution in unity. In fact, the epicenter of all recruitment storms emanates because we’re not in unity.’

We as recruitment Industry are also guilty of this ecosystem. We hide in ambush to save our data, business, and clients. Don’t we?  We will have to become vocal of the falsehood.

Tailored Recruitment Service

Job listings often include a general description of the role’s responsibilities, an introduction to the company, the benefits and compensation and the job requirements. The requirements section describes what qualifications the employer is looking for in ideal candidates. If you are a hiring manager, recruiter or HR personnel, learning how to write a job posting can help you attract qualified candidates.

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