UpMan Placements
is one of the leading
global executive
search firms.

UpMan Placements is one of the leading Job Consultants in Gujarat known for promptly finding the right executive talent. We work on delivering results time and again with the help of our multi-domain global experience, competent recruitment consultants, and eventful history of 20+ years managers that finally makes us one of the Best Job Placement Consultants.

Upman Placements boasts of a team of experienced Job Consultants in Gujarat who are well-versed in delivering multilingual and multifaceted hiring services for all kinds of companies. Since its inception in 2002 in India, UpMan Placements has grown from strength to strength, building a stellar reputation as a Top Job Consultancy in Ahmedabad.

Today, Upman Placements has a worldwide presence in 20 countries – India, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Middle Eastern countries, European countries, and East & Central African countries. With such a broad reach, we cater to all at a capacity of a Global Executive Search Firm.

As one of the well-known executive search firms, UpMan delivers contractual or interim job consultancy services in Gujarat and India with its proprietary Skill Mapping competency that establishes the connection between the job description and the resumes.

  • Client portfolio – 1000+
  • Successful Candidate Placed – 27,000+
  • Delivered first layer of screening to clients within 48 Hours
  • Locations handled – Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines, UK
  • We reach to candidates across North & Central Africa, South East Asia, Middle East & European Countries.
  • 100+ HR Professionals at the back-end with specialization in Construction, Oil & Gas, Pharma, Hospitality, Shipping, Telecommunications, Automobiles, Energy, Logistics, Engineering, Manufacturing, Banking, NBFC & Insurance (Life & General).
  • Dedicated Support- 24*7*365

Leadership Excellence

First Time Managers

The program empowers Fresh Managers(or potential managers) who have just been alleviated to a team leader position.

Mid Level Managers

This program helps increase the proficiency of the existing managers, who may or may have practiced a structured training module in the past. These would-be managers have probably honed their management skills, either by trial and error methods or by observing other managers.

Talent Credentials

“UpMan Placements” offers a full range of flexible recruitment consultancy services. We work on a retainership & contingent basis to provide holistic, contractual, or interim consultancy services to fulfill the needs of our clients. Our flawless staff augmentation services and seamless Skill Mapping competency between JD and Resumes in minimal time has been a value proposition for our clients.

Training & Consulting


We provide comprehensive training and Job consulting in Gujarat relevant to the needs of the industry, embracing adaptive learning and development frameworks that enrich the learning process and make it immersive. We improve the existing content with interactive games, visual anecdotes, and videos while also providing workshops to train the trainers themselves! We coach senior leaders keen to climb up the ladder, following the Michael Watkins coaching framework for the first 90 days.

Tired of searching for the right Job Consultant in Ahmedabad? We create working plans and devise personal development strategies to help them succeed in their newer roles and responsibilities. Bringing you the services of the Best Hiring Company in Ahmedabad, we also empower newly minted team leaders who have risen from a senior positions and offer programs for enhancing the capabilities of existing managers.

Our Vision

UpMan Placements envisions filling in gaps in organizations when hiring talent across the spectrum, enabling continued growth. We for see our collaboration with our clients backed by a team housing the finest recruiters and HR professionals, one can ever find. We also envision widespread recognition as a trustworthy, professional, and reliable HR partner for clients of all industries.

Our Mission

Upman Placements is one of the few executive search firms that puts conscious efforts in defining a mission that outlines the needs of its employees as well as its clients. Here are the goals of our mission:


Upman deems its employees as the building blocks of its identity as a veteran job consultancy in Ahmedabad, valuing them as integral contributors to the success of the company. We attach great importance to their personal as well as their professional goals by fostering trust, encouraging creativity, and rewarding consistency and professionalism.


Upman Placements’ measures its success in terms of client satisfaction. Our mission is to live up to our credentials as an experienced job consultancy in Ahmedabad to render comprehensive HR, recruitment & placement services in more ways than one.


Upman’s mission is to harbour values of teamwork, innovation, and integrity as the keystones of their workplace culture. We respect the contribution of each team member and take deep pride in their overall efforts to make our company the numero uno recruitment agency in Ahmedabad.


We adhere to the requirements of the recruitment Industry, while exceling in all parameters as our mission lies in training and offering opportunities to all kinds of recruiters, while extending support to competent HR professionals to contribute wholeheartedly to the industry.
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