Women in the Recruitment Business

International Women’s Day is a time of reflection, to understand the challenges women face, to keep a track of progress, to see where we’ve reached and to foresee where we wish to proceed as a society. Hence, today let’s take this opportunity to reflect deep on what the recruitment industry holds for women and why is it one of the most welcoming career options for the women’s of today and tomorrow.

The recruitment industry predominantly has always been perceived as a female oriented profession. Today, they accounts for 75% of the workforce of our Industry. In literal sense, they’re the real growth drivers of the Industry.

“75% of the workforce comprises women
They’re the real growth drivers of the Recruitment Industry”

But why? Why women have, and continue to find their creative peace in this profession. Is there an insight we can draw from this growth?

For the kind of dominance our workforce has, I personally give much credits to the way our Industry is functioning. Where gender plays zero role in driving growth. Especially at Upman, where we’ve successfully retained 90% of our staff in 2018 and close to 90% of the staff comprises women.

“90% of the staff at Upman Placements comprises women”

To learn what keeps them motivated to work with us and in the recruitment industry in general; we interviewed our women recruiters and HRs & concluded the following explanation.

  • Strong Incentives, rewards and recognition kicks the monotony out of the office and triggers the need for growth. And when one is always on the growth cycle, the need of change doesn’t rise.
  • Work flexibility and work from home has given them the professional space they need.
  • Growth opportunity in the recruitment industry is really high.

Not only that

Maintaining work life balance is easier in the recruitment industry. Whereas, managing home and managing work parallely has become impossible in other industries.

To encourage the same, last year we introduced an award called ‘Dot on Time’. Which was given to one of our employees who managed to strike a perfect work and life balance.

Last year we also called for an initiative for women who took a break from work and couldn’t start back from where they left. The initiative motivated old women recruiters to start again at their own comfort. We allowed them to start their own search firm, earn a good income, trigger the impending growth, and get their career back on track.

Recruitment & HR industry by far is progressing well in demonstrating gender equality in the pay scale and career growth. And this growth amounts to why more and more female recruiters are coming onboard and wanting to work in this industry.

This women’s day, let’s take inspiration from this growth story and try to elaborate on what practices will further make this industry more fruitful for women.

By far Upman is concerned, Upman is promoting many career opportunities for women, not only from the recruitment industry, but any women who is willing to work in any industry. Our team of recruiters are active

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